I have just recently added some more HDD's to my MSA1000. I used
cpqonlin to add them to the existing array and this was reported as
fine. The new size of the logical space has increased. I then went into
NSSMU - Devices and the following is shown:

Capacity : 1630.58Gb
Partioned Space: 1229.35GB
Unpartioned Space: 0KB

I was expecting the unpartioned space to say 400GB as this is what I
expanded the array by. I am completely out of ideas. I have also used
iManager and it is also reporting no unpartioned space. If I attempt to
try and expand the unit then NSSMU complains that there is no free
space. iManager only shows the free space from the local raid drives
which is unpartioned.

Thank you for any help you can give me.