Hi, I've just replaced a mirrored SCSI drive in my NW6 SP5 Server...
following advice mentioned many times here...

" 1) as always, have a working backup [e.g., on tape].

2) Go about installing the new disk

3) load NSSMU

4) Select DEVICES

5) Press F3 to initialize it

6) return to top level menu and select RAID devices

7) select the partition of interest

8) Press F3 to expand the mirror

9) Select the new device... " (and confirm go ahead)

* PROCESS FAILS HERE with message saying the Hotfix value cannot be
adjusted to match the existing partition.

I've seen where I can set the Hotfix value for *new* mirror partitions,
but nowhere to remove the HotFix value or setting from an existing
Mirrored Partition, even if it is a one member mirror. It will show the
value in Media Properties in C1, but no way to change it. The size is
0.18% = 120MB for some reason BTW.

Trying to add the new partition and specifying the large Hotfix value
spits an error in C1, without any detail - NSSMU gave me that Hotfix
error at the console. Note this original drive *was* mirrored before
the recent failure.

Researching the Hotfix feature I realise it's redundant in modern
setups, however it's been historically applied to the setup by the
prior sysadmin I guess. Can I simply turn it off so it doesn't frag the
remirror of the new drive?

The only other possible issue is the HDs are the exact same model and
size, but different Rev numbers (0002 vs 0007) - could that be an

Please Advise

Thanks in Anticipation...

Steven G Stanley
Senior IT Technical Officer
Faculty of Science, Engineering and IT
James Cook University, Cairns Australia