Looking for some advice on how to configure 2 NIC's on a 6.5 server that
are attaching to an Equalogic ISCSI array for some disk space. Had a
peek around the web and this site, but no numbers or advice on setting
MTU size, jumbo packet size or anything else. The loading of the NIC's
and drivers are pretty well automated and can't find where to place any
statements, if any are needed in freference to MTU or jumbo packets. I've
read the doc's from the 6.5 documentation, I get the part about ION and
IOFF with some variables, but it can't be that simple, can it?

If someone could point me to some clear detailed documentation on setup
for 6.5 as an ISCSI target I'd really appreciate it. Specifically the
NIC loading and any cutomization that the driver needs when loading.