I just want to put this in here to help people who have had the same

Netware was hanging on FATFS, beeping and saying the process is
suspended, only way to make it start was by renaming fatfs.nlm to
fatfs.old - Then the remote manager (portal) would not work and I lost
other functionality.

My partition was patitioned with FAT16 before I did the following fix
and had MSDOS 6.22 installed.

I started by copying off the files by booting with a Knoppix linux dvd
bootable disk, inserting a usb drive and copying DOS and NWServer
folders to the usb drive.

Then I removed the DOS partition with fdisk, recreated it using fat16
again, formated the partition and re-installed MSDOS 6.22 system files.
Then copied the DOS and NWSERVER folders back, again by booting to linux
knoppix disk.

Now fatfs loads without issue.

I think the problem started with portlock software corrupting the
partition, having said that, it could also be that the raid drives
failed, so I am not 100% certain as to what was to blame.