I am looking for advice on improving our backup environment. This is
what we had in mind and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on
this or if this was feasible.

We currently have a 2 node Netware cluster attached to a EVA 5000 SAN
with with a 1TB volume named SOFT. We are looking to setup a seperate
Netware server named CBACK and present snapshots via the HP Backup Copy
and the EVA 5000 to this server.

For example Take a snapshot of the SOFT volume and present it to CBACK.
On CBACK run a script the looks something like this.

scan all
nss /poolactivate=SOFT /override=Questions,Shared
mount SOFT

CBACK has Veritas 9.2 for Netware and a Quantum Super Loader LTO 3
attached to it. We would then backup this volume. If we had to do a
restore we would redirect back to the SAN.

After the backup we would run a script to unmount and deactivate the
pool/volume. We would script the snapshots to run on a nightly basis
and always be backing up the snapshot volume.

We are trying to avoid running Veritas Backup Exec on one of the nodes
in our cluster since it has given us so many headaches running this way.

Does this sound feasible? Will we lose file rights during a restore
using this process?

I know the NSS has snapshot capability as well but then we are again
back to having the Backup server as a node on the cluster.

Thanks for any insight.