I have created a huge project to be run from a DL DVD-ROM.
I want to access everything directly from the drive, no installation.

Opening files and navigation is EXTREMELY slow even though
the vast majority of files are simple.

Question: Is there a way I can GREATLY improve the access time?
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Please read on for details...

That project contains an involved menu system, complete offline
images of websites, videos, Powerpoint presentations, sound...

In other words, there are LOTS of files butmost of them are small
(average size probably 1 MB or less but ranges from "nothing"
to 700MB)

Running the project from a (mounted) virtual DVD is blazing fast.

Running it from the burned DL DVD-ROM is AGONIZINGLY slow.
I'm talking 1-2 minutes (not seconds) to start the project, access
any kind of file in it regardless of size, etc...

CPU and memory usage is minimal so my guess is the slow speed is
due to the drive scanning the whole 8 GB archive each time it tries
to open a new file. Note that all the necessary software to run files
is also included on the DVD-ROM (a media player, ppt viewer, etc...)

I simply burned the compilation with Nero 7 and I think that it made
a mess of my file organization (as in, clusters used)

Is there a software that can optimize the structure of a DVD-ROM
image before it is burned to the actual support?
Something like a "smart defragmenter" or indexing service?

I'm thinking of something similar to PerfectDisk (which defragments
a HDD by putting the most accessed files at the beginning of the disk,
then optimizes the rest) but specifically designed for burned media.

The file priority should be something like this:

- AUTORUN.INF which opens main menu
(I'm currently waiting 3-5 minutes for it to autostart!)
- menu system at 3 levels maximum "depth"
(made with QMB, www.quickmenubuilder.com)
- PPT presentations (using portable PPTviewer.exe)
- offline images of websites (index.html should open quickly,
ideally the following links are then pre-cached?)
- audio and video files

In other words, I'd like to force the drive to read all high-priority
files from one "cluster" at the beginning of the DVD-ROM,
then "digs deeper" only AS NEEDED. The drive currently scans
the DVD-ROM like crazy every time I make a small change, such
as navigating the main menu (takes ~ 30s to do anything at all)

Obviously one solution is to make the target system mount an
image of the project, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the
whole thing and would anyway require at least 8GB of free space.

It's difficult to find answers on google, I can't seem to find good
keywords to use (things in the vein of "file access", "speed
optimization", "slow DVD-ROM", etc... didn't yield anything useful)

Thanks a lot for any help you can give!