I'm having this problem more and more lately on 2 different servers with
identical hardware. 6.5 sp5 with updates. External storcase sata
arrays. I am leaning towards hardware problems because when this
happens if I reboot the server it won't see the array unless I power
cycle it sometimes.

But this is what happens..

12-11-2006 4:10:31 pm: COMN-3.24-34 [nmID=60010]

NSS-2.70-5005: Volume NPV1/PRINTVOL user data write

(20204(zio.c[2282])) to block 3053742(file block 0)(ZID 644)

12-11-2006 4:10:31 pm: NWPA-3.20-0

NWPA-004: The CDM driver deactivated device [V358-A3-D0:0] SC
SATA16R f/w:R0.0 due to a device failure.

12-11-2006 4:10:31 pm: COMN-3.24-1092 [nmID=A0025]

NSS-3.00-5001: Pool NPV1/PRINTVOL is being deactivated.

 An I/O error (20204(zio.c[2260])) at block 3662576(file block
3) has compromised pool integrity.

12-11-2006 4:10:31 pm: SERVER-5.70-1534 [nmID=B0013]

Device "[V358-A3-D0:0] SC U320/ SATA16R f/w:R0.0" deactivated by
 due to device failure.