I just installed Small Business Suite v6.6 (NW 6.5) over nw 6.0sp4. This
was a fresh install on a single-server LAN, not an upgrade (very small
tree). The installation went great and, using LIST DEVICES on SYSTEM
CONSOLE and NSSMU the SYS and DOS volumes drive show up normally. However,
an NSS Western Digital 180 GB PATA drive containing data does not - although
NSSMU shows the drive under DEVICES, it is reported with no partitions, and
therefore cannot be added to pools and cannot be mounted as a volume.

My latest tape backup failed after tape #1, so the drive in question is my
best bet for a current backup. Nothing has been done to this drive since
the 6.5 install, so my latest data should still be intact -- it's only a
matter of getting NSS to recognize its NW 6.0 partition.

Is there a configuration I have missed or perhaps a **safe** recovery
utility to get NSS for NW 6.5 to see this partition?


Gene K.