I'm not sure where to post this, but I would like some feedback on server
hardware options. I work for a school district and we are upgrading our
WAN to fiber optic links (from T1), and with this move will have the
possibility to consolidate all of our servers. We currently have 2 servers
(1 file / print, 1 GroupWise) at each of our 9 locations with a few others
for special functions, for a total of about 25. With the consolidation we
are looking to go to a single server cluster, but we don't have much
experience in that option. And now with blade servers and server
virtualization we are working beyond our expertise.

Is there any good overview page or tutorial that goes through various
options for this type of consolidation? I get the basic concepts behind it
all, but I'm wondering about how to figure out what we would need and how
to get everything configured. We'll be going to BrainShare again this
year, so I'll be getting into some of the XEN and clustering stuff, but
would like some additional hardware knowledge prior to that.

Thanks for any links or other insights you can pass along.

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL