We're running OES[NW]SP2 and connect OSX Tiger clients via AFP.

We have an issue where applications running on these machines ignore user
disk space quotas set on NSS volumes.

Users low on quota save large files without any reported error only to
find later that the saved file contains no data.

This problem does not occur when the pool or volume is low on space [this
is reported correctly by the application and OS], only when the user
exceeds a set disk quota.

I note that Apple have implemented a new version of the AFP protocol
[v3.2]for OSX 10.4.x. This new version includes error handling for disk
quotas ['kFPDiskQuotaExceeded' 5047].

What version of the AFP protocol does OES-SP2 provide and is there [or
will there be] quota support for AFP on NSS?

If so, when?