Using the Novell SBS 6.5 sp1, a tree with 3 servers:

1. Border Manager
2. GroupWise (NAT)
3. WEB (NAT) - Apache 2, MySQL ver. 4.0.15a, PHP 4.2.3.

The WEB (third) server with 2 SATA HDs, every partition (including DRDOS) on first HD is mirrored on the second HD.

After an electricity problem the second HD failed and technician replaced it.

Now the server run, but there is a problem to remirror it.

I'm not sure I understand right the documentation and I'm scared to delete by mistake any of the volumes or partition on the first drive and loose the data.

When the new second HD is disconnected NSSMU shows a single drive, but watching the RAID devices (from NSSMU Main Menu) it shows they are partially mirrored.
The option there is to delete segment. Will it delete the volumes\data from the first drive or only the mirror drive?

I'm confused, please help me to solve the problem.