I'm having trouble getting my qlogic qle220 adapter to load. I can see
the adapter and my fibre-attached drives if I do a ctrl-q at bootup, but
netware won't let me load the driver. I'm on NW6.5 sp6, trying to load
this ql2x00.ham driver:
Version 6.90.13 July 14, 2006

My load statement looks like this:
load ql2x00.ham SLOT=1 /LUNS

Yes, I'm sure slot 1 is the right slot. Netware will autodetect the card
in hdetect, and it tries to run the above statement, but it fails with
this error:

Loading module QL2X00.HAM
QLogic QL2X00 HAM Driver
Version 6.90.13 July 14, 2006
Copyright 1995-2006 QLogic Corporation. All rights reserved.
SERVER-5.70-1553: Module initialization failed.
Module QL2X00.HAM NOT loaded
Module QL2X00.HAM load status INIT FAIL

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.