I have a NW 6.5.5 server. It has a fibre channel direct connection to
external storage. Not a SAN but suitable for a future SAN. As we are
reliant on this disk I chose to duplicate it intending to run a mirror.
This was most successful under NW4.x.

BUT, it seems things have changed. I was expecting to say take the first
disk and mirror to the second. This does not appear to be how it works now.

I can see both devices. When attempting to mirror I can see ONLY vacant
disk space. The first device has a mumber of pools each with one volume. I
chose to do it that way as a repair is pool based and takes hour[s].
Imagine how long I would be down repairing a 1 TB pool...

Anyway, it seems I cannot do what I wanted a la NW4. Unless I COMPLETELY
rebuild every pool and restore the data???

I do have some space available on the first disk array. Perhaps I have to
create a mirror for a new partition and mirror that. Copy the data over
and repeat with more mirrored partitions until all done??? Sounds like fun!

Recommendations etc most appreciated.

Thanks John