Hello to all,

I am suddenly missing 20GB+ on my NSS volume?

I have an iSCSI NSS volume that's mounted on my Clustered server running NW6.5 sp5. The partition is a 60GB space hosting two volumes: APPS (20GB) and DATA (40GB). The two volumes have no restrictions and can consume the entire partition size.

Everything has always worked fine and is still OK on the surface except a day ago I recieved "Almost out of Disk Space" warnnings from the server? Each volume was at best only 50% full and now they are showing 99% full?

I ran an NSS poolverify and poolrebuild without any errors. Mounted the volumes again and still showing 99% full? There are no files to be purged, which is odd and perhaps source of the problem. I then compared my backup log with previous days and noticed that I'm still only backing up ~24GB from DATA.

It seems to me that the used space on Data has doubled [incorrectly] somehow and that's why I'm getting the errors? By the way, I have the POST sp5 patches installed on this server and this is the ONLY server that's mounted this volume for months now?

thank you,