I am running a single NW6.5SP5 server in its own tree with a 4 disk RAID
5 that experienced a hard drive failure. When that happened it locked
the server totally. Not aware the drive had failed at this time the
server was powered off and attempted to be restarted. The server would
not boot up correctly this time. It was found that 2 drives were showing
offline. Talking with the Hardware Manufacturer Support people they had
me force the array back online. It did its maintenance check and the
server was rebooted. It would boot into NetWare but little would load.
It was found that a number of files were missing from the sys:/system
folder including many to load the NICs. I reapplied SP5 to correct the
missing files and had the server boot up however NDS was lost in the
corruption. That is only so bad. The worst loss is of course the user
data. Some is there, most is not. It is very strange how some folders
seem complete, some will have only a couple of files left in them and
others the users folder is there but it is empty. I attempted a
poolverify and it locked up and abended the server. A poolrebuild was
attempted witch completed “successfully” creating a xxxxxxx.FPD folder at
the root. I have had little luck finding much info on the FPD folders or
what you can do with them. Is there anyway to recover data from a FPD
folder? Any 3rd Party software that may help? I have already told the
users that it is all gone and we are moving forward with that but I
thought I would try some more to recover it. Of course there are no
backups at all or I wouldn’t be posting this. With a RAID we felt that
we were somewhat safer against drive failure than with single disks and
not sure why this damaged the entire data set. We are working with the
Hardware Vendor on that item.

Any suggestions would be great.