My IT department has embarked on a project to replace about 50 NW 5.1 SP8
servers with NW 6.5 SP6 servers. We're using Novell's "Server
Consolidation and Migraton Toolkit" to perform hardware migrations on all
of the servers. The toolkit works amazingly well. We love it.

One of our controls is to get a count of source server folders and files
and then compare these counts to the destination. The values should be
equal. On the face of it, this seems to be an easy thing to do. We've been
using laptops with Windows XP for the migrations and counts, but we have
recently found that the file and folder counts obtained this way are
inaccurate. The counts may vary by almost 1,000 files (out of 250,000 in
this case) and 50 folders (out of 19,000) even when two XP machines run
the count one immediately after the other.

I'm looking for suggestions as to how I can get accurate and consistant
counts. (I've found that tbx and "File Browser" give space usage, but not