I have a Netware 6 server that keeps giving me the following errors. And
each time the nss pool is deactivated, I can run a poolrebuild and get it
back online, but it just fails again later with the same errors. I have
tried deleting the pool and recreating but that didn't seem to help. Does
anyone know how i can fix this issue? thanks

12-02-2007 9:50:24 am: SERVER-5.60-1543
Severity = 0 Locus = 3 Class = 6
Could not redirect block 19201007 on device "[V2D1-A4-D8:0] IBM RAID

12-02-2007 9:50:24 am: SERVER-5.60-1544
Severity = 0 Locus = 3 Class = 6
Warning: There are no more redirection blocks on device "[V2D1-A4-
D8:0] IBM RAID rev:1"