I have a server that I ran the VCU to upgrade the sys volume to new
(larger) drives that somehow during the copy process the DS database got
corrupted. I have done this probabally a dozen times and this has never
happened. The VCU finished like it normally does, and with 0 errors. The
last directory copied was the _netware directory. All the files seemed to
be present (nds.db, nds.01, nds.rfl, etc) however after renaming the sys
volume and rebooting, the ds database would not open, it gave error, unable
to open the directory services database, it is inconsistent. Please run
dsrepair to correct the issue. Well, dsrepair did not fix it, and after
spending about an hour and a half with a DS engineer at Novell, we could
find no fix except to pull from a replica which I did not want to do. I
just backed out of the process and put back in the old drives (it was
getting very late, and I did not have time to do the process again that
night). I want to do the process again, but beforehand, make a backup of
the DIBset in case this happens again. What is the recommended way to do
this? I think from memory, it is dsrepair /r. I guess I need to do this
after the new driveset is in the server, and the new NSS pool has been
created, so that it copies all this info to the new driveset during the vcu

Anyone have any further tips? Like I said, this is the first time I have
seen this occur.