Last night I added a new SCSI drive to the RAID 5 array on my server. The
Netware 6.5 sp3 server's RAID array is divided into two pools named SYS and
DATA. I want to expand both the SYS and DATA pools to use the available free
space that the new drive provided.

I'm trying to decide how to partition the 136G of free disk space that now
exists in my RAID array. Please note that all existing partitions currently
have the same Device Name, but the partitions assigned to the SYS and DATA
pools have different RAID Names (as seen in iManager's STORAGE module)

Is it better to create a single new 136G partition, then expand my SYS and
DATA pools onto it, or should I create two partitions in this new space, a
4G one which I will eventually expand my SYS pool into and 132G one into
which I will expand my DATA pool?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions