we want to move our clustered pools to SAN (2 node cluster nw6sp5,
mirroring with nssmu).
The first pool (one segment, 105 GB) was moved without any problems
(mirroring to SAN, remove old partition).

The second pool consists of 3 segments (about 500, 700 and 1300 GB). Hours
after mirroring the smallest segment (partition) the cluster node has gone
to an ABEND during backup and the pool was not migrating to the second
node, it became comatoese. There was no problem to move it back to first
node after restarting. Then, I was mirroring the second segment. It was
finished some hours later.
But, mirroring the third segment (1,3 TB) was not possible (error -1).
Now, I had taken notice, the second cluster node is not seeing this pool.
It is seeing the 3 devices and the 3 partitions. But these partitions seems
(for this node) to belong to no pool (field is empty).
I have restarted this node and read all the logger info, but I can't not
find any hint.
The pool is online all the time (onto the first node) an all users are working.

Can anyone help, please?