Greetings. We run SBS6 -- NW6sp5 and GW6sp4 -- and have recently
encountered a curious and serious problem:

Over the last weekend, the size of our NSS volume DATA apparently began
growing. It's not a large volume, about 14 GB on a single hard drive,
and is used primarily to host the GW system. Our domain has been roughly
7.5 GB in size.

On Monday morning, the available disk space dwindled to less than 1 MB,
and the server abended. I deleted some backup directories, etc., which
freed up a bit of space, and began searching Novell support for some
answers. I did come across a patch for NSS -- NW6NSS5C.EXE -- and
applied it to the SYS volume. That *appears* to have stopped the
available space from shrinking. Now we show about 1.3 GB available.

Now I still have a bloated DATA volume, and I don't know where to look
for a solution. The only suggestion I have left to try is a pool rebuild
on the DATA pool, but I'm hesitant to do that unless I have reason to
believe that it will work.

Also, does it seem likely that the NSS patch could really have fixed the
problem, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Can any advise me here? If I've posted to the wrong group, and you can
tell me where I should post, please let me know. I haven't cross-posted
this message.

Many, many thanks.