Hi all,

Strange one for you. I'm trying to copy a 10 gb file to one of my
cluster volumes (NW6.5 SP5). This is either using the client 4.91.2,
or using FTP from a Suse 8 server.

What I found is via the client is just didn't work, and via FTP it got
to approx 4gb and stalled.

I've done some research and found this is normal, if using older
clients etc.

However here's the strange thing. I tried copying the same file to
one of the other cluster volumes and it worked fine. So, the clients
(both windows and FTP) are fine.

I offlined the problem resource and onlined it again, and bingo I
could transfer the file by both methods, nice and fast in fact.

Problem is, i've come in this morning to find the overnight FTP
stalled at 4gb again.. so the problem has returned.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm stumped and I really need to get this