We are using netstorage since quite a long time. Recently we disabled
the cookies in Netstorage (see cookieless mode in iManager) in order to
be able to use any kind of WebDAV client (Finder in MacOSX, Nautilus in
Gnome/Linux, ...) on any OS and not only NetDrive on Windows.

This is working fine except with MacOSX. We can connect to the server,
view files without trouble. But when we try to upload a file on the
server we get a:
"A newer item named "example.doc" already exists in this location. Do
you want to replace it with the older one your are moving?
[Stop] [Replace]"

The fact is the file is really new and there is no older one in the

If we hit Replace we get:

"The operation cannot be completed because an item with the name ""
already exists."

Note that if we do the exact same operation with the command line this
is working fine.

Any idea? Have you seen this?

Many thanks