Hi, I have a scenario to run by you, and am desparately needing some help

I have an iSCSI SAN that is replicated to a Disaster Recovery (DR) site. I
originally planned to have my Netware servers boot-from-SAN but I have
recently discovered that this is not possible. Clustering will not work
because the sites are on separate subnets.

My new plan is to have separate running Netware 6.5 sp6 servers in each site
(same tree) and to manually invoke a move of the NSS devices should a
disaster ever strike the main site. I found this piece of documentation
that describes a cross-platform move of non-clustered NSS devices (though it
does say it supports Netware-to-Netware):


From the documentation, it appears that I can have perl scripts prepared
that will invoke a device move in eDirectory such that the replicated NSS
volumes could be mounted to the DR servers and that eDir will retain the
trustee rights assignments as they were on the original server. This would
be a manual process, and only invoked in emergencies or simulations.

I am supposing that my clients could be easily directed to the new server
names (by login script) and that I could change DNS references so that UNC
calls to the original locations would point to the DR servers also.


1. Am I crazy? Might this work?
2. Is the move process a time-consuming ordeal? I have 9 or 10 volumes
totalling of 425Gb of data.
3. Am I missing anything that I should be considering? Is there an easier
way to obtain this functionality?
4. Can anyone provide guidance on how/when to use these perl scripts
(decom.pl and recom.pl)

Proposed Failover Process: (source refers to decommissioning server, target
refers to commissioning server)
1. Change replication direction (target is always configured read-only
except by source server)
2. "iof" to disconnect source server from local iSCSI replica
3. "ion" to connect target server to local iSCSI replica
4. "decom.pl" script on source server (if alive)
5. "recom.pl" on target server
6. Reconfigure login scripts to direct mappings to target server
7. Update DNS entries to point source server name to target server for

Any assistance or opinion is GREATLY appreciated.

Paul Peterson