I have four brand new Netware 6.5 SP6 servers (OES), grouped into two 2-
node clusters.

Now, I need to migrate my existing user data from old Netware 6.5 SP2
machines onto these new OES machines. I opted for the latest version of
Novell Consolidation Utility and whenever I try to launch the copy
process, the destination server (OES) abends in nwuagent.nlm (passing
wrong data to LIBNSS.NLM). The source server (old 6.5 SP2) machine is not
affected. This crash occurs whenever I select a clustered volume or the
local SYS volume on the destination server.

Using TSAFS /CLUSTER and TSAFS /NOCLUSTER didn't change anything. I also
tried to backrev the SMDR.NLM, TSAFS.NLM and SMSUT.NLM to the version of
SP5, but the Abend still occurs :-(

Any idea on how to fix this issue ... I'm stuck in my migration.

Many thanks for your help,