We are running NW6.5 SP5 with all recommended updates. Workstation is
WinXP Pro w/Client 4.91SP3 with latest patches.

Im trying to take backup from an NSS-volume that contain all user
It is in all approx 60GB and 230000files. NSS-volume have compression

First i tried to use a free backup-app called Areca. It stops the backup
after between 6-9% completion.
It is not the same file it stops at. Log says something about
"Network-name is not available anymore".

Then i try to use normal file-copy to see if Areca have some bugs, but it
also stops after approx 2GB with the same error "Network name is no longer

The computer doesnt loose its networkdrives because i still can access it
and can try to copy again. It allways stop with the same error, but at
different files.

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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