Recently our company bought NetApp 3020 Filer and now it is desired that
the data be moved to it. An inplace upgrade to NW 6.5 SP6 took place from
NW 5.1 SP7 so all volumes are Netware 5 tradtional volumes. The NetApp
device has space carved out for five NW data volumes and it shows when
the List Devices command is used. I used NSSMU to create 5 pools and left
it at that for now. The volumes, including SYS, may need to be converted
to NSS.

We do not plan to boot the server from the SAN.

Question is two fold a) how and do I migrate the data volumes to the SAN
and preserve the trustees and b)what tool to use for moving the volumes
and conversion to NSS?

Thank you.

Jimmy R.