You have helped me more than one into previous tickets ... I hope that
you can still help me...

I have just upgraded my server from NW6.0sp5 to NW6.6sp6.
Everything was mirrored ( I have a software mirror with 3 HD mirror on
others 3 HD).
For verifing that the SYS HD mirrored startup correctly by necessity , I
have take off the HD that was in position 0 and I have replaced with the
HD that was mirrored ( it was in position 1).
The server was startup correctly.
After that I have turn off the server and I put back like before that is
HD 0 into position 0 and HD 1 in position 1.
the command mirror status said "syncronized" but by NRM I can 't see
correctly all information relative of pools and volumes.
I can't see the name of the volume that belong to other HD:
I see "nnspoolmirror pool3" instead of "pool3" and under this the
relatice volume VOL4.

Please,What can I do?
Can I delete a mirror on-line and then re-create it?
By NSSMU , how can do it?

Can I have made serious damages?

I'm really sorry for my poor English... I hope that I explan the problem
clear enough.