I am in the testing phases of moving a GroupWise system from a single
server to a 2 node cluster. My test environment is running on VMware
with a NetWare VM box running the iscsi shared storage for the 2 nodes
of the cluster. Clustering is running fine and I have a PO and domain
running with no problem as well on the cluster. Problem is in testing
moving a post office from another nw 6.5.5 server. The file copy with
the SCMU toolkit gives some file copy errors upon completion. Just to
give a clear picture of the test here is the setup:

source server -- nw 6.5.5 directory on nss volume.
target server nw 6.5.5 virtual cluster server and volume on 2 node
cluster (volume is dedicated to the PO to be moved)
(errors described below occur when Virtual server and volume are
mounted on either node of the cluster)

Server Consolidation Utility reports version 4.11.512.9

Unload POA so there is no GW I/O on source files

Run file copy project.

Copy completes with the following errors:

Error Log
Project: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My
Date: 03/30/07 Time: 16:51:49
************************************************** ***************

- Modify file dates differ between:
- File contents don't match:
Approximate position in file: byte 141312
- File contents don't match:
Approximate position in file: byte 146432


No SMDR or TSA errors are produced by the SMCU tool kit and the
workstation running the project has Novell Client version 4.9.1 SP3

In windows, the properties of the files on from the source and
destination show identical in size but the modification date is 2
seconds later on the target. My test migration has just 2 users with
several attachments making the total file copy 200 MB. The errors do
show that both user DBs are affected, so I want to address this prior
to migration our 1000 user environment.

Is this more or less cosmetic errors or something mor significant?