We seem to have a read performance problem on NSS volumes presented by the SAN to netware servers.

We did a lot of tests to determine if the SAN itself is the problem and so far it looks like it's something on the netware servers.

Some background info:

We have an EVA 5000 (vcs 3.0.28) with a disk group of 28 146GB 10K disks and another one of 22 250GB 10K disks.
We have 15 servers (8 nw, 4 linux, 3 M$) connected to it with 2Gb FC hba.
Netware hba's are HP fca2210 and HP fca2214 (qlogic 2340)
Linux hba's are hp fca2214
Microsoft hba's are HP fca2101 (emulex lp952)

All performance is very good on any OS. Approximatly 270Mb/sec transfers on all OS's. We get that straight from the servers. By copying a 1GB file.

I elimated the telecom right away by using cc.nlm on netware and other copying tools on the respective OS. This way I copy the file locally on the server.

The only performance hit we get is when writing (understand "reading") the file FROM an NSS volume (on Netware or OES linux) to anything (nss, tfs, san lun, local disk,...).

From what I got from HP we're getting approx. 10K I/O's on the "write from NSS" and 48K I/O's on the "write to NSS".
It takes around 7 minutes to get the file completly "copied from" an NSS volume compared to 20 seconds on other OS's and on writes to NSS volumes.

I tried pretty much all patches available at this point.

-All netware servers are at ql2x00.ham 6.90.13 and one is at 6.90.15 --> no change
-Firmware is at 1.34 and 1.45 for 2210 and 2214 respectively --> no change
-I increased the queue depth to 256 (max) --> no change
-The server SP's range from SP2 to SP6 --> no change
-The EVA config for the netware hosts is at "unknown" --> some change
-I also tried to disable the read cache on the EVA for a specific LUN --> no change

We think it might be a qlogic driver issue or something around that or a nss switch. We hope!!

If I missed any info just let me know.

If you need a config.txt for a netware server look at :

Date: 13/03/2007
Subject:Performance problem OES-SP2 novell.support.open-enterprise-server.netware.abends-hangs

Thank you,