dell pe 1800, motherboard scsi, non-raid
netware 6.5 sp6

today, the server went down for some reason, I am not sure why.
started it back up, was working ok, went down again. 2nd restart, it
did not come back up ok.

I get called in, start taking a look, sitting at the : prompt, no
cant load ideata.ham, lsimptnw.ham, adpt160m.ham from startup.ncf..

manually try to load them, no go.
copied ideata.ham/ddi from sp6 files to c:\nwserver\drivers
ideata.ham loads now, still nothing for the others
copy lsimptnw.ham/ddi from sp6 files to c:\nwserver\drivers
complains about no supported hardware devices

dell's mediocre (at best) diagnostics show no problems,
include surface test

copied files from working servers, sp6 and sp5, no go
having 15 of these servers, purchased at the same time, took one down,
removed its hard drive, place in server, booted right up
no hardware issue..

put original hardware back in... still wont load the lsi files.
put blank hard drive in, install nw6.5 sp6 via overlay cds.
no problems...
copy ham/ddi files to floppy
put problem drive back in, copy ham/ddi files to c:\nwserver\drivers
still wont load the lsi files

any thoughts?
portlock comes to mind...
i am not sure if the volumes on the server are ok, havent tried to
load them in another server yet..

thanks for any assistance...