Running NW6.5 SP3 server, NSS volumes, RAID5

I have a volume that I mistakenly set to a fixed size, or quota, of 2GB.
This volume is in a pool that has 100 GB free, the pool has other volumes
that can grow dynamically.

Can I change this to an 'allow volume quota to grow to the pool size'
volume? By checking the checkbox in the volume properties? (I'm probably
dreaming there...)


1) Can I create a new volume (no quota), copy all the files and trustees
over (with something like nwcopy...) to it, delete the exiting 'fixed'
volume, recreate it with no quotas, then copy the data back over?

2) I do have about 6GB free, I could create a new partition and assign it
the fixed volume? At least that's what I would have done pre-pool,
traditional volume days.

Thanks for the suggestions!