The nw6.0-sp5-box has all relevant patches installed and is running smooth
for quite some time now.

On this server on a nss-volume are several applications located (win32 with
exes and dlls), which can be started from throughout the network by all
users. This is also a by the software-vendors supported way of running
those applications.

While we do this since years one new application does not run as expected.
Startup-time should be around 25-30 seconds, but it takes the application
nearly 3 minutes to be up and responsive again. We tested a little bit with
disabling virus-on-access-scanners on server and workstation, but that did
not help. We also copied the whole installation from the server-volume to a
share on win2k-pro-workstation and from this share startup-time sat at 30

At the server-console during this application-startup nothing specific is
visible. Utilization does not peak beyond 10%, no alerts, nothing. On the
workstation (Win2K with Novell Client) also everything runs fine, even
during the application-startup (besides the app itself). The application is
not responding at all (until startup has finished) and is accessing the
server all the time. It looks, as if the server is not delivering the
requested data as fast, as it should.

Does anybody have a clue, where I might start looking.