I am running 6.5 sp 6.

My goal was to give my sys: vol more room since I was running out.

To start with I broke all my mirrors to my second hard drive. I then
expanded my sys: pool in imanager. My original sys: vol was 4g. I
expanded the pool to 8g. This in-turn created another partition on the
same volume. (It would have been nice if it would have added to the
original partition but I realized that is not possible.)

Anyway, I would now like to mirror this sys: pool to my other hard drive.
From reading these forums I found out that imanager won't let you mirror a
pool that is expanded over two partitions so, I turned to nssmu.

NSSMU is reporting that I have 3 raid volumes and that the mirror sets I
broke eariler are still active! I figured it was a glitch and rebooted
the server. Upon reboot imanager reports everything unmirrored and nssmu
reports that items are still mirrored. I don't have anything hardware
raided in the system so I am not sure where the raid volumes are coming

So basically my problem is that NSSMU is supposedly incorrectly reporting
mirror status. I would like to mirror my sys: pool but I don't know how
since nssmu is reporting that my original sys: partition is mirrored but I
broke that mirror in imanager before I expanded the pool.

What should I do?