Running NW 6.5 SP 3 (next step is to upgrade to SP6)

Immediate Issue:
Meanwhile, cannot mount 2nd volume.

NSS verify will not run and gives I/O error 20204, nss rebuild attempt
gives the same and keeps the volume deactiveated, I/O error at block
12179330 has comprimised poole integrity.

When trying to run NSS rebuild I get " can't load system beasts" / "can't
continues status 20555

The sys volume mounts ok. This 2nd volume containes groupwise datagase,
additional critical data and we do now wish to attempt to restore from
backup if at all possible.

Juat a few days ago we have some data corruption following a power even.
I suspect the servier was shut down hard, not graceful as the battery

after that, several services did not work and we were able to
repair/restore the PKI certificate by using the utility provided by Novell.

Since then one FTP service has not worked and soom users reported they
cannot "see" files althought the admin can verify they are there.
Suspecting the file corruption might be more widespread than just a
certificate, a full backup was ordered. It completed with some exceptions
and no verify was run.

One reboot after the backup, the non-sys volume (data)would not mount.

I contaced IBM and verified the health of the hardware as best I could but
the only utiliy offered validated the logical volume, but it did pass.

I can go to backup as a last resort but I would really rather rivive the
DATA volume if at all possible.

I am a CNE so just some guidance will get me moving.

Thanks, in advance - Stephen