I have a 4 node cluster running OESNetWare sp2 (Netware 6.5 sp5) with an
exported volume - VOL2. My sys:etc/exports line for this is:
-root=@ (all one line of
course). When I execute XNFS SHARE on my server I see:
Exported Mount : /vol2/NovellUpdates (and some other lines)

When I execute from my openSuse10.2 Linux laptop the command:
mount /media/temp I get:
mount: failed, reason given by server:
No such file or directory.

The is the IP Address of the node running the virtual
server that holds the volume. I've tried the DNS name of the virtual
server and the node server and always get the same results.

I used iManager to create the export but have also modified the exports
file directly and still no luck.

I have xnfs running on all nodes of my 4 node cluster and am not running
xnfs as a cluster resource.

Can anyone help?