Hi folks, I've been trying to perform some Google searches to resolve
this over the last few weeks (obviously I've not been very serious
about it!), but I'm not getting anywhere. Time to ask directly I

I have a NW65sp5 server that I'm trying to set up NetStorage to work
with. I've installed the NetStorage components from the CD, and the
iManager plugin seems to work, but whenever I try to create a domain,
I get the following JAVA errors:

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NullPointerException at
nection.java:598) at
nection.java:1493) at
java.net.HttpURLConnection.getResponseCode(HttpURL Connection.java:281
) at
hoA6275) at
com.novell.emframe.netstorage.NetStorage.authentic ate(NetStorage.java
com.novell.emframe.netstorage.NetStorage.getXML(Ne tStorage.java:1654)
com.novell.emframe.netstorage.NetStorage.getXML(Ne tStorage.java:1636)

....and more.

If I just go to the NetStorage Statistics page in iManager, it shows
that the server is "up". There's several login failures noted, 0
bytes read, and about 1600 bytes written.

If I follow the NetStorage docs and point my browser at
I get an login box for "AuthXTier" that won't let me authenticate
using my system Admin account and password. Actually, it doesn't let
me authenticate with any user account or password.

Any suggestions about how to resolve any of this? Thanks!


Bill Valaski
Director of IT
CDS Associates, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH USA