In order to upgrade a server we inserted some new harddisks and added them
to the raid configuration.
The server sees the disks, and soe does netware (6.0SP5)

Unfortunately, that's about all the good thing: I am not able to create a
partition on the extended disk system. Whenevr I try to do this using
nssmu, I get an error '526, partition create failed'

Is this a known problem? I failed to find something in the novell
Knowledge base for it.
In order to solve it, so far, I did the following:
- Updated the SCSI controller driver (pedge3.ham)
- updated the BIOS of the PERC3 controller (Dell)
- updated MM to mm60sp5, which seemed to be the latest version from the

What else can we do to upgrade that volume? Or what patch do I need? It
obviously is a error in the system.