Hi All,

I need some quick advice.

We have a 2 node cluster with 2 Dell poweredge 2600 and a powervault 220s.
A drive failed in the raid5 array on the powervault, which corrupted one
of the pools. (The most important one, of course!)

I am getting the following errors when I try to activate the pool

5-18-2007 8:13:36 am: COMN-3.24-1196 [nmID=A0026]
NSS-3.00-5002: Pool WLSS2/VOL1POOL is being deactivated.
An error (20012(beastTree.c[510])) at block 56254276(file block
-56254276)(ZID 2176) has compromised volume integrity.

May 18, 2007 8:13:36 am NSS<ZLSS>-3.24a-1449: zfsVolumeData.c[212]
Error reading VolumeData Block 25599875, status=20206.

May 18, 2007 8:13:36 am NSS<ZLSS>-3.24a-1449: zlssLogicalVolume.c[4948]
Error reading PoolData Block 25599878, status=20206.

I cannot do a poolverify, don't want to try a poolrebuild at this point.

Is there any point in calling novell support?

Will the NSS data recovery tools I see for sale (nucleus, etc) work in my

Any help would be greatly appreciated.