Hi folks,

Following on from a problem I posted about in the Abends section about an
NW6.5 (SP6) server abending during its nightly backup process, we finally
secured downtime to initiate a pool rebuild of the affected volume. So far
we are 1 day, 16 hours into the rebuild and at 76% but strangely since
about 50% we have been recieving messages on the console about the volume
being out of disk space.. more specifically, the message reads:

NSS-2.70-5001: NSS Volume SERVER/USER out of disk space.
There are no deleted files using disk space.
You may be low on disk space. Either add more disks, or delete some files.

The volume that ita talking about being out of space is dismounted and
currently being rebuilt.. so why the heck are we getting that message? Do
we need to be worried about this at this point? Is this normal?


Jim Taylor.