Everyone was greeted this morning with "Swap-Out failed" & NSS-3.00-5001:
Pool Sys being deactivated on their NetWare alerts. It happened at 12:04
this morning (June 1).
I also saw MSAP: Pool "SYS" real error 20206, I think on the Logger. Two
other volumes deactivated. This is a NW6.0SP5 server with 4GB RAM and it
was saying something about not enough RAM to create a file in csaudit or
something close. At that point I just wanted to get server back up so i
could look at Abend.log.
I tried a "Reset Server" and it did not respond. Tried Alternate Console
and said to Down the server, it did not respond for a long time and then I
had those three options. I chose "X" but nothing happened so I powered it
Nothing in the abend.log or the sys$log.err.
The server had been up for only 30+ days, normally reboot it every 90 just
for the heck of it.

Any ideas where to start looking?