Hi All -

Wonder if anyone can help - having a strange problem with Perl on
netware 6.5 reading filenames with unusual characters.
I have written a perl script to clean a shared area on one of our
NW6.5 cluster nodes. The meat of the script stats the file to get the
$atime attribute in order to check last access time.

Many of the files in this area will be M$ word docs. Users aren't
particularly aware of dodgy characters in their filenames so are quite
happy to let winword name the files according to the Heading of the
document (anyone know if we can stop this with a group policy? - would
be a great help!). As a result we are getting filenames with silly
chars or horribly long names. Of particular interest are files that
contain single quotation marks (ANSI 145,146). Perl is able to read
the filename using File::Find but somewhere netware changes these
quotations into apostrophes so when we call stat on the filename
Netware believes the file doesn't exist !

An Activeperl implementation running on a Windows machine handles
everything correctly. Is this some sort of codepage problem?

Furthermore - but I don't know if this Is related but I mounted the
same Volume on an openSUSE 10.1 machine with ncpmount and tried to ls
a directory with examples of the offending files. The listing returns
as empty until I use a windows machine to rename the files!

Can anyone shed some light on this?