We are trying to do something a bit tricky. Basically, we need to move
2 terabytes of data 600 miles away, very quickly. We are going to copy
the data to san disks presented as clustered volumes and then
physically take those disks to another remote location, and tada..
mount them on the novell cluster we have set up there (with a different
name). As far as I can get, is to mount the volumes on the remote
servers. I CANNOT cluster them.

My procedure was this:

1) Create clustered volume here (probably just should have had
standalones, then clustered the volumes when they got there, but too
2) Copy data to it
3) Physically pull the disks out of the san, then plug the disks into
the san up there
4) activate the pools/volumes
5) create a new clustered volume from the volume activated in 4)
6) smile at a job well done

This all fell apart at step 5. When I try to cluster enable the
volume, it says that it can't because it isn't on a shared pool. Well,
it definately is. Anyways, has anyone any idea how this can be done?
The remote servers see all the pools/volumes that were moved up there
fine, but no dice on clustering them.

Thanks in advance,