Good Morning,

I am in the beginning stages of trying to setup a backup solution as
outlined in a Cool Solutions AppNote titled "A Data Backup and Recovery

This AppNote explains how to backup a server to an iSCSI drive array using
rsync, and then backing up the array to a tape library. The array can
also serve as a temporary production server if the live production server
goes down. The directions seem stright forward until I factor in, I have
more than one server.

All my servers are basically setup with the same file structure. The SYS
volume is in it's own SYS Pool, I have a Vol0 in it's own Vol0 Pool (both
being on their own mirrored drive, and then I have multiple Data Volumes
in there own XX Pool in a RAID 5 array. The only difference between the
servers is the Server name, and the Data Volumes Pool name.

My iSCSI question is: Should I be creating an individual iSCSI partition
for each of my servers to keep data in the volume of the same name on each
server, seperated ?

I hope that is a good enough of a explaination of what I am looking for.

Also, if anyone has done this before and is available for some consulting
on the project, please contact me.

Thank you,