Recently, we have been having a sporatic problem where an end user will
save a file in their home drive, log off, log back on, and find that
their file is gone. We have not been able to pin-point the problem in
any area but here is what we do know:

- The home directories are located on a NSS volume.
- We have looked in salvage in their home directory and have found
nothing. - We have looked in our Audit logs for the file system and
have found no trace of files being written to their home drives.
- We have confirmed that the end user is actually saving the files
- Our NetWare 6.5 file server is on Support Pack 6.
- Some of the end users use Windows 98 with the Novell 3.4 client.
- Some of the end users also use Windows XP with the Novell 4.91 SP2
- The documents that disppear are saved by Microsoft Office 2000
applications on both the Windows 98 and Windows XP computers.
- Users do have full rights to their home directory.
- The users effected are located in different OU's.
- We are using eDirectory

Any input given to help me resolve the issue is greatly appreciated.