Hey all,

I'm still trying...documentation says about Snapshot Pool:

"The name of the destination pool where snapshots of the source volume
are created and temporarily maintained at the end of an epoch until
point-in-time file versions can be saved to the archive database. For
example, pusers_s1 or pdata_s1.

If no snapshot pool name is specified, or if the snapshot cannot be
created for any reason, the versioning process copies files directly
from the source volume."

As it's not explained very detailed - I guess I made a mistake by
creating a snapshot pool manually, so now I get the error message
"error creating pool snapshot". I THINK I just need to apply a name to
the job configuration and the pool is maintained by the
archive/versioning. However I'm not sure - plz someone enlighten me :)

Thx in advance

(oops, forgot: NW6.5SP6)