I am running out of room on my current 6.5 file server so it is time to
look into expanding. I am looking for a solution that will give me
atleast 2-4 TB of storage. This will be file storage only. I will be
serving on average 100ish, 200 peak, users via wireless. There will not
be any critical apps like DBs on this server. Just office docs, jpgs,
etc. I have been looking at buying a Dell PE2950 and a Dell Powervault
MD1000 but the Dell open manage software to manage the array is not
supported on Netware. It is only supported on Windows, Redhat, and
SUSE. My current main file server does not have PCI/E so I need a newer
server to handle the controller cards.

So I need some advice. Should I go ahead with this current solution and
not worry about netware not being a supported OS? Or should I roll with
another vendor? I can get a Dell Powervault with 15 x 750gb SATA drives
for around 7k, with a 3 year warranty. Or 15 x 300gb SAS drives for
around the same price. I was leaning towards SATA drives due to the
fact that this will just be serving files to around 100 people at one
time. I prefer Dell since there is a plant about 20 minutes from my
office and parts show up within the hour, but if there is another vendor
that would fit my needs that I am ok with that.