Hello all!

I am working with a small business who currently runs NetWare 6.0 on a
Compaq Proliant ML330 server. The people in charge have been wanting
to go to Linux for a while now.

A few days ago, the server stopped responding to network requests,
supposedly just after a power failure had occurred. I was called and
told to "just build a new Linux server and put the old files into it".
Easy enough, I thought.

So I took the Proliant back to my office, and started looking into my
options. I couldn't get the files out via the network, so I either had
to mount the Proliant's SCSI drive in another box, or add a drive to
the Proliant and copy everything to it.

I quickly realized that mounting the Netware partition under some
other OS would not be easily possible without costly software. So I
figured I'd just add a drive to the Proliant, and go from there.

Unfortunately, the IDE drive I put into the machine was not being
properly recognized in MONITOR - it appeared as an "Unbound Device
Object", and gave a generic error when trying to activate it. The CD
drive on the bus alongside it showed up fine, but the hard drive did
not. I know the drive to be usable and formatted for DOS. I did not
try adding a SCSI drive, since I don't have one handy.

I know very little about administering Netware, so at this point I am
stuck. Anybody have any suggestions?

Keith Thelen
Kanabec Systems
Mac + PC consulting for East Central Minnesota
"Therapy is expensive, but bubble wrap is free."