I'm actually experiencing problems when trying to upload a file using
Virtual Office.


Netware 6.5 sp6
Virtual Office V 1.6
Browser: Firefox & Msie 6.x


When I select the file to be uploaded to the server (the upload path has a
folder with a blank space in it - like "sales support") I get a blank box
and nothing seems to happen.

Bug reference

I looked around on the Novell support site and found a similar issue
reported for the & character (TID 2973854).

I tried to apply the new files contained in nsclasses.exe but this did not
fix the issue I have.

TID Info

NetStorage Java Class Files
(Last modified: 31May2006)

This document (2973854) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end
of this document.
Associated File

Click the filename to download: nsclasses.exe 141988 bytes 31May2006


Is this another bug ... how to solve this issue ?


Having blank characters in the file name is not an issue.

Christian Goetz