I have a Netware 6.5 4 Node cluster and noticed a couple of the volumes
were low on disk space so I went into our SAN Manager (IBM FastT 700 SAN)
and added additional space to volume1 by 50GB and Volume2 by 75GB. I gave
the SAN some time to process the adding of the disk space and the
following day went into iManager, Storage, then selected my cluster server
and then the pool I wanted to expand and clicked on Increase Size,
iManager then showed the devices with the additional free space and so I
added in the additional 50GB of free space but added it to volume1 instead
of volume2 (I had a brain lapse). Everything seems to be working fine, my
volume that was meant to have 75GB shows the 50GB of additional space that
I mistakenly added to it but I just wanted to know if this is going to
cause a problem down the road. Does anyone know if this is a bad thing?
Other than my SAN's Storage Manager which shows volume1 to be larger than
it actually is have I done any damage?